Fatburn Extreme

Fatburn Extreme is 1% of Your Day

A new concept in fitness training.  Fatburn Extreme is a 20 minute bodyweight training system that incorporates functional compound exercises, activating all major muscle groups in the process as well as optimising the principles of overload.

Less Time | More Effort | Rapid Results

It has been formulated with a carefully structured scientific approach.  Research has proven that 3 x 20 minute sessions of this nature per week can achieve all training goals, sport specific or otherwise.  The effects are felt and the results are fast.

Fast Forward Your Fat Loss

The training concept can be delivered one-on-one, in small groups, or in larger class environments.  No equipment is necessary, little room is required and it only takes 20 minutes to deliver.  Realistically, you could do this in your lunch hour and still have time to shower and eat!

It's Tried | It's Tested | It Works

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